"Thank you for all the wonderful love and care you showed Marshall and Dexter (the greyhound duo) during our time with you. You have set an incredibly high standard of excellence as we search for a new doggy day care closer to our new home in BG. We will miss you! You're PAW-sitively the best."
Marshall, Dexter, Maggie, and Michael Convery

"Thank you for donating the blankets, towels, and dog outfits. We appreciate your thoughtfulness and can always use the donated items."
Everyone at Teddy's Rescue

"No t-shirt seemed to say what we wanted to say. We love you and thank you so much for watching our girl."
Kim and Dennis

"I want to thank you.. so much for your thoughtfulness, generosity, and concern in regard to the death of my greatly loved “Red” dog. The card was beautiful and your handwritten expression of sympathy meant a lot to me. Yes, one day I hope to be reunited with Red. But for now.. he will be greatly missed! You could not have picked out a nicer frame! I love it and will enlarge one of my favorite pictures of Red to 5x7 and put it within the frame."
Barb Ford

"I just wanted to let you and all your staff know how grateful we are for taking such awesome care of Walter over the past year. Paul and I always felt at ease knowing he spent his days surrounded by people that really cared about him, especially after he became sick. Thank you for your support and the sweet gift during this transition in our lives. You will all be missed! Thanks again for everything!"
Katelyn and Paul Hopkins

"Thank you all for all you do for our family! Paul and I cannot even begin to thank you and all of the staff at Howl-a-Day Inn for your support and encouragement during this time. Walter is feeling safe knowing he is surrounded by people who care!"
Katelyn and Paul Hopkins

"Thank you so much for the two gift cards for our open house Spring Fling event at Teddy's Rescue! Thank you also for your monetary donations! Your donations helped Teddy's to raise over a thousand dollars! Thank you for your donations and support!"
All the cats, dogs, and staff at Teddy's Rescue

"Happy Easter to you all! May you all continue to be blessed. Thank you for all you do!"
Rebekah and Bella

"Thank you for taking such good care of my babies Grace and Bentley. Please enjoy the Girl Scout Cookies!!"

"Thank you so much for taking such great care of Ella and Shelbie! We truly appreciate all you guys do for us and the rest of the community. We hope you all have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year!"
Melissa and Nick, Ella and Shelbie

"Thank you for being such a great extended family!"
Balto, Mackenzie, Linda

"Hope your holidays are filled with love and laughter. Thanks for all the love and care you all give our pups. They adore you and all their furry friends!!"
Cindi, Steve, and our furry kids Jackson, Sadie, and Sammie

"I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you have given me! Wishing you many blessings through this new year."

"Thank you for all that you do to care for Bella. You are all amazing and "we" appreciate everything. May you be blessed."

"Thank you so much for the gift of the garden stone to remember Jagger and Sailor. And thanks for all their joyful days at daycare. I'm glad they spent Christmas with their Aunt Cindy, even though Jagger could be an ass. There is nobody like you guys!."

"Thank you so very much for the lovely memorial to Brie. Words cannot adequately express what you all meant to me in the way you loved and cared for Brie. May God bless you all for who you are and for what you do."

"Thank you so much for your generous donation to treat one of our dogs for heartworm. Thank you too, for sponsoring our 'Doggin It' 5k race and Pooch Parade. We really appreciate your support so we can continue to do what we do."
Teddy's Rescue

"Thank you so very much for the special love and care you always showed Brie. I know she captured a special place in your hearts, and I will be forever grateful for all you did for her. God's blessings to you all."

"We are always a bit sad when we go on a trip and leave Murphy behind. But, not for long, as we remember what wonderful love and care he gets from all of you! You even remember his birthday. Thank you all for his card and gift and for all you do. We appreciate you, so-o-o much."
Dwight and Lynette Moody

"Just a little note to thank all of you for taking such good care of Rusty! He loves coming to doggie day care! I wouldn't take him anywhere else, and if I ever go away again, you will all be the place I'll call!!"
Karen/Kenny Miller and Rusty

"A thousand thank yous to you and your staff for alerting me to possible blood in Sailor's urine after spending the day at Howl-a-Day Inn on Fri. May 9th. He usually spends Fridays here with all his buddies. I know it's your busiest day of the week with sometimes up to 70 dogs on Fridays. It is amazing that your staff can handle and pay all that special attention to each and every dog. I took Sailor to the vet on Saturday morning and they checked his urine sample and yes, he had a urinary tract infection. He's finishing his 7 days of antibiotics today. Thank you all again for taking such good care of my Sailor while he's entrusted to you and your staff."
Deb Zoll

"Thank you for all the love and play that you give me and all of my 'peeps'."
Zoe Hauman

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Bella. It's wonderful to have a place she can go to when I'm working too much or under the weather and can't exercise her. You guys are the best!"

"Thank you for giving my mom some diabetic stuff. And thank you for praying for me."
Winston "Woo"

"To all of the lovely ladies that work at the Inn, including the Cindymaster. The Duff household thanks you for excellent care, your unique talents and all the blessings you bestow upon our family of boys, especially the Baxman. We wish you good health, great fortune and a year of blessings in 2014.."
Kim, Harrell, Baxter, Bob and Brody

"Thank you for taking such great care of Lilo all the time! You make living in FIndlay a better experience!"
Lilo and Julie

"To the staff of "Howl-a-Day" ... Merry Christmas! And thanks for making the playdates the best."
Amy B.

"Thanks for taking good care of me!"

"Merry Christmas, love you all."
Shister and Lucy Scott

"Thank you for taking good care of Nash and all the rest of the pack!"
The Smith's

"Thank you so much for always taking such great care of Ella! We wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thanks again for all your loving care and hard work - we truly appreciate it."
Melissa, Nick and Ella

"Thanks for taking such good care of me!."
Fergie and family

"Thanks for all that you do! Have lunch on us!"
Zoe, Gregg, and Dottie

"Mere words cannot fully express how much I value the people and services available at Howl-a-Day Inn. They treat my lovely princess Brie as if she were their own - spoiled as ever. Every morning when we arrive, Brie trots to the front door with a wonderful spring in her step, and can't wait to see all her friends inside - an obvious sign that she loves it there. I really do think going to Howl-a-Day every day has kept her young at heart. Brie is now 15 years old, and despite not being able to jump as high as she used to, she still has it in her when we leave every evening to jump up - front paws on the front counter - with that intense look in her eyes saying, "Hey, where's my good-bye biscuit." For Brie's 15th birthday, her daycare "aunties" spoiled her with treats and presents - a very special occasion indeed for all of us. Being a part of Howl-a-Day isn't just daycare. They all love Brie, and we love them back. We truly are family."
Andrew Hvizdos & Brie

"Our yellow lab Sadie started at Howl a day inn in 2005, in 2007 Jasmine our chocolate lab joined her and in 2012 Jade our newest addition to our family joined them. All 3 of our girls love going to daycare to see their human friends as well as their furry friends. They all go 3 days a week and they know on what days they go and wait by the door in the morning to leave the house. I believe that howl a day inn has helped keep our girls healthy because of the all the exercise they get while there. Jade was a rescue and had some behavioral issues and a lot of fear. Howl a day inn has helped her; it's some place where she was able to get her energy out, make new friends and become socialized with humans and other dogs.
Sadie started 8 yrs ago and we couldn't be any happier with the care and love that our girls have received since day one.
Thank you Cindy and the rest of the staff who take such good care of our girls."
Robin and Frank Kendrick

"Aunt Cindy, Kathy, Meg, Brittany, and Missy,
Thank you for the best birthday ever! I love you all so very much! (So does my dad)"
Princess Brie

"Zoe is always excited to go to day care. She loves playing with all her friends each day instead of being home alone and bored. Zoe has learned socialization skills with other dogs and people while at daycare. She is always ready to eat her dinner and relax each evening, having had a full day of fun."
Renae Hanson

"When our son was getting ready to leave for the military we were not sure how we were going to manage our busy work schedules and the exercise needs of Roscoe hishigh energy lab/hound mix rescue. The Howl-a-Day Inn has been just what we wanted. We are able to drop off Roscoe when we have not been able to devote the time to him. He spends the day running and playing with the other dogs. The girls have even been gracious enough to give us a written account of how Roscoe did at doggie day care periodically to send to my son. I highly recommend the Howl-a-Day Inn!"
Lisa Snook

"No matter how you say thank you, it is never quite enough for all the love, hard work, policing and faithful human playmates you all are to me, my brothers and our four legged friends. Kathy, as always, you did another superb job with my Sweat 16 Shamrock Birthday Poster. Ladies, the quilt, the snacks and the 2 adorable shirts were wonderful surprise presents. I felt especially warm in my new blanket on Tuesday morning when mom brought me in. So again, THANK YOU!!!!!"
Baxter and his parents (Kim and Harrell)

"Gunner was a rescue dog with quite a few problems when we adopted him. He had no training, was agressive to other dogs and showed aggression to my husband and myself at home. I contacted Cindy at Howl-a-Day Inn and she helped me get him into an obedience class which was taught by the people who run Pineview Kennels and they helped us immensely. We then started taking him to daycare to help socialize him. Gunner is now a great companion for our family. He is no longer dog aggressive and more settled. Howl-a-Day Inn has been a great help with everything and I would recommend them to anyone who has a dog with problems or one that just needs to run and play in a well supervised facility. Thanks Aunt Cindy and all your caring wonderful staff!"
Vicki and Scott Brooker

"We are extremely delighted with Daycare; Amy has developed better social skills, more confidence, and obeys (much) better since attending. The staff is loving and caring, which is very important for us. We love that there are no cages and Amy can play with others. We recommend Howl-a-Day Inn to everyone we know and meet."
Jonathan and Grace Blayman

"Howl-A-Day Inn has been great for me and my little girl. From day one we felt like part of their family and you can tell instantly how much Cindy and her staff love the dogs. My pup gets so excited on mornings when I tell her "we're going to daycare"—and when I pick her up I can tell she had a great time playing with her friends all day. Very happy I found Howl-A-Day Inn, they have been awesome."
Judson McCulloch

"Our 5 month old golden doodle puppy Jake is crazy about the Howl-a-day Inn. He can barely contain his excitement on the way there in the mornings. Romping with all the other dogs has been a great way for Jake to burn off some of his wild puppy energy. He's always reluctant to leave the Howl-a-day Inn and comes home nice and sleepy. Cindy and her staff are so sweet to all the dogs and we always feel we're leaving him in the hands of people who care about him as much as we do. The Howl-day-Inn is an excellent way to socialize a new puppy. It's a place where a dog can just be a dog."
Joe and Bryce Ciraldo

"Our dogs have been going to Howl-A-Day Inn for the past four years, and we have nothing but praises for the staff.

On the mornings we go to Howl-A-Day Inn, all we have to say to Gabbie and Kiwi is, "Are you ready to go to school?" They bounce and carry on until the leashes are on and they are in the car. When we arrive, they are so eager to get inside, and once inside, they don't even look back to say goodbye to us! Guess that's a good thing though. We absolutely love the grooming service. There's nothing better than picking up clean and shiny girls! Oh, and the rest we get once we get home is priceless. Those two are worn out from a fun day of playing.

When one of our dogs was being treated palliatively for cancer, Cindy and her staff gave her the love, care and respect she needed at that time. When she passed away, they all walked with us through our grief.

We wholeheartedly recommend Howl-A-Day Inn. They have been a wonderful resource for us!"
Brian & Leslie Shufelt

"My mom and I put these candle holders together for you just to say HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! I really do love you guys cause I get to run around and play with all of my friends. I have such a good time and so I asked my mommy if I could get you something. I hope you like these. Mom and I painted them and packed them in the boxes so they would be safe. Mom says when you get them home you can wash them real good in soap and water and the paint should come off and you will have a nice clean candle holder. She said you would still remember me even though my name wasn't on there anymore. I hope so anyway. Well, I have to go cause my Dad is taking me to the field so I can run real fast! Love you guys."

"Is your dog afraid of people? Last year, we took our Australian Blue Heeler to Howl-a-Day Inn to see if she would become friendlier with other animals and people. The experience has been very beneficial for her and us. Rocket loves going to play with all the different breeds of dogs that she calls her friends. The staff has helped tremendously and it has changed her personality. If you want your dog to benefit from the services they provide, we would highly recommend giving Howl-a-Day Inn a try. We even enrolled Rocket in one of their Campanion Dog School classes, which was "Basic Obedience." We were pleasantly surprised that Rocket accomplished all of the tasks that was taught in class. We would highly recommend any of the classes they offer. We would also like to say thank you to Cindy and her staff for all they do."
-Terry & Diane

"Please forgive that I am so late in writing to thank you for our going away gifts. It has been very hectic since the movers finally deposited us here on the 20th of June. The boxes are up to the ceilings in every room and progress is so very slow, but it is absolutely wonderful to be here! The people, the dusky summer skies, the top down, fireflies, fried okra and sweet tea, the fragrance of milky gardenias - it just doesn't get much better than this for us. Just like the song 'I got my toes in the water, my ass in the sand, not a worry in the world, a cold beer in my hand...' Life is good today! I absolutely love the gifts you gave to us and the super sweet wonderful cards. The 'Mia's Mom' labradoodle carry all bag is the best! Perfect for us and all her little duds! And the labradoodle welcome sign is just precious. Mia loves her pink tennis ball and rope toy, too. Y'all are just the sweetest things ever to be so kind and thoughtful to us! Thank you for everything and as always, for your many kindnesses. We miss you!!! We will let you hear more of our escapades as we settle in."
-Miss Alma and Miss Mia

"Thank you for the card and taking care of my brother Boston."
-Stephanie and Alyana Grace

"Making Harley Dog of the Month meant a lot to us. We appreciate all of your thoughtfulness and kindness."
-Linda and Ken

"Thank you for your thoughtfulness during this difficult time."
-Family of Lois's "Maggie" Ellinwood

"Thank you so much for the beautiful roses and card. You sure helped make my birthday special! (For some reason my obedience students seemed to know about my birthday too!) Thank you too, for being a great friend!"

"Thank you all so much for the beautiful blanket. It was much appreciated. My entire family enjoyed it. It gave us all something to talk about. The Howl-a-Day inn. Thank you again."
-Tabby Ellinwood and family

"Harli and I really enjoyed puppy class. We are both looking forward in joining you for the middle class."
-Linda and Harli Kleman

"Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous job you did on the 'Dog of the Month' write up for Mia! It is so beautifully done, and all of your detailed work is superb and certainly most appreciated! Thank you, too, for the many kindnesses you show us each day."
-Miss Alma and Miss Mia

"Thanks so much for the fine job you did with Bobby's 'Dog of the Month.' Wonderful job and very thoughtful of you to do this."
-Kim and Harrell Duff

"Thanks so much for the little things you do for our four-legged children. Valentine's Day was pretty sweet!"
-Kim and Harrell Duff

"To our wonderful friends,
Many thanks for your cares, concerns, and prayers for Honey during her illness. We are so very grateful for the love you showed her before and during her illness. The plaque you sent us is beautiful. It will be a beautiful reminder of our dear friends and Honey."
-Brian and Leslie Shufelt

"Thank you for taking extra special care of me!"

"I just wanted to say, she was ready for a long night of relaxing after her first day. Thanks for the great report card. I hope she will continue to be a great dog for your place and meet more and more new friends. I thought everyone one of you that I talked to, were very friendly people. I enjoyed the good comments about my dog and seeing her be able to have some fun. Sophie will be attending your day care more often. Thanks for maintaining a great business that we dog lovers can use. Sophie was happy!!!!!"
-Jesse Girdler

"Harrell and I want to thank you for your kind words, prayers, and the commemorative angel/puppy. I truly appreciate all of you. Bobbie and Baxter are always happy to get to Howl-a-Day Inn and worn out in the evening."

"Ashley, Michim, and I would like to thank you for the lovely blanket and paw print of pictures. Both are wonderful keepsakes. We would also like to thank all of you, especially you Cindy for taking care of Lucy and Shister for us. I don't know how the girls, dogs, and I would have gotten through these past weeks without your help."
-Sheri, Ashley, and Michim

"Aunt Cindy, God gave you just one life - and you're so good at living it to the fullest! We love you so very much. Lots of licks and love from mom Marge too!"
-Huey, Mikey, and Marge

"Thank you so much for the kindness you showed me and the memorial plaque and scarf you gave me when Frank died. He loved coming to Diggie Day Care and I'm so thankful he had all of you in his life to help me take care of him!"
-Karen, Hunter, and Bella

"Thank you so much for your donation to the survivor reception at the relay for life. It was greatly appreciated. The person who got it was thrilled. Again thanks."
-Cyrol Brooks and Lisa Kniselz

"Dear Cindy - staff
Words can't tell all of you how much you mean to me and how much I and the boys miss you.
I'm doing very well - God has richly blessed me with his healing power! Thank you for your prayers, cards, beautiful flowers, calls, and note on the website.
I have four more PT sessions and see the surgeon on the 30th. I expect to be released to return to work after the holiday for a week or so of part time.
We'll ALL see you soon."
-Marge Mize, Huey, and Mikey

"Cindy, we wanted to let you know how thankful we are to have you in our lives. It means so much to have you there for Penelope and Charlotte (and for me). We appreciate all of the extra time and effort you put into finding another place for the girls to stay while we were at the hospital. It was such a blessing to have the peace of mind that the girls were well taken care of. No matter what ... we always knew that they are cared for, safe and loved when they're in your hands!! We're all so lucky to have met you! Thank you for everything!"
-Rachael, Eric, Penelope, and Charlotte

"Thank you so much for coming to Central Middle School and speaking to us about grooming dogs. It was also fantastic to learn that your doggie daycare uses no cages! Your presentation has made me really think of what I want to be when I grow up. Hopefully when I get older I can be involved in a daycare like your business."
-Stephanie Hicks, Eighth Grader at Central Middle School

"I can not thank you enough for all you do for our little guy."
-Al, Barb, and Chavez

"The parents of Bobbi and Baxter Duff want to relay a huge
T H A N K Y O U !!
to your staff. They are the best! On Thursday, October 2, due to their attentiveness, Bobbi was rushed to our veterinarian for immediate medical care. When he is well, we will gladly bring the "little guy" back because he misses being a part of "big dog" pack. It is really nice to know that there is an establishment in town where the dogs can play & interact with each other while being well watched and taken care of."
-Kim Duff

"Thank you so much for taking in Allie and taking such good care of her. This whole situation about giving my dog up is tearing me up inside and the only thing that is really getting me through is knowing I can trust you! You are such a great person and I feel very lucky there is someone like you in this world who is dedicated to helping animals. I always thought I would have Allie forever. I hope you know that if I could make things right in time I would take her back in a heartbeat but my situation is going to take a while to fix. I want Allie to have the best in life. To some people dogs are just dogs and that is it but to me and my family she was part of our family. I know she is going to make someone very happy because since I have had her she has always brought a smile to my face. I miss walking in the door and seeing her! I always looked forward to getting home from work because she would be waiting at the window. When I got Allie in 2005 I was so excited because growing up we didn't have many animals and I have always been a big animal lover and I always wanted a dog! My husband being a big animal lover as well went out and got me Allie. It was such a great surprise! Until I had my son Alex, Allie was my kid so to speak. I know that life isn't perfect but lately it has been very overwhelming. Knowing Allie is in good hands makes this whole thing a lot more tolerable. I will always love her and miss her. I can't talk about her without crying so I wanted to write you and tell you how I felt and how much I appreciate you and everyone that is associated with Teddy's Mission. You guys are great! I feel like this is the best I could do for Allie! Even though life has totally changed for me and my family, I do think things happen for a reason and I hope one day I will be lucky enough to have another dog just as great as Allie. Your phone calls have been very helpful. Knowing you care enough to call me and tell me how Allie is doing makes me know I did the right thing when I put her in your care. You will always be remembered by my family. You're the best!"
-Allie's first owner, Jennifer

"Dear Cindy Smith (owner) and staff of Howl-a-Day Inn,

"Words barely express our gratitude for your expressions of sympathy to us in the loss of our gentle giant, Rebel. Most of all thank you for providing a safe, dog friendly area for dogs to just be dogs in. Our hearts will smile when we remember the good times Rebel had at your facility."
-Bill and Susan Hollington

"It's the greatest place ever! My dog enjoys this play time and is worn out at the end of the day."
-Marilyn & Amanda Hickerson

"Thanks again, all of you, that makes Buddy's weeks great. He sure enjoys going. Just want to thank for your card and thoughts that you have given us during our loss of our so loved Chubby. He was a great protector and a loved one. Now we have lost our pampered princess "Whiskers". She had been failing health and had to be put down. It was just short five days from Chubby's death. We thank you for being so good to Buddy."
-The Rankin Family

"Thanks so much for taking such good care of Teddy Bear aka Max!"
-The Miarers

"Thank you for taking such good care of Maggie last week while we were away on vacation. A special thank you to Cindy for allowing Maggie to stay with you. Our time away was enjoyable and relaxing, knowing Maggie was in great hands. Thanks again for all you do and putting up with our baby!"
-Maggie "Moo-moo"

"Anyone that absolutely loves dogs will understand this. We know we won't go down in the history books as doing something significant in changing the world and you even get funny looks from people when you are asked where you work and you say doggie day care. But when we read the testimonials from our clients, it makes us proud and happy that we can make their lives better and happier with their pet simply by doing what we love and have a passion for. We look to each other here as family and that includes all of our clients and their babies. We all love their dogs as if they were our own and spend our days loving them and giving them the attention there parents would give them but can't because they are at work. I know in my heart that this is what I am suppose to do and where I am supposed to be. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and their special babies for giving us the opportunity and the blessing to be part of their lives. We would also like to thank our boss, friend and owner of Howl-a-Day Inn, Cindy Smith, for giving us this blessing and the opportunity to work here. Without you there would be no Howl-a-Day Inn and you are truly a blessing to all of us. Thank you Cindy. We Love You!!"
-All the Girls at Howl-a-Day Inn

"I can not say enough good things about Howl-A-Day Inn and Cindy Smith and her wonderful staff. They have been wonderful to me as well as my Katie. Katie had developed separation anxiety shortly after I brought her home from Planned Pethood in Toledo. The poor dog had bounced around to at least 4 or 5 homes in her short life. Any time I left the house, she assumed I was not coming back, and panicked. I was not happy about coming home to accidents and destruction. The trainers at Planned Pethood recommended doggie day care along with some behavior modification techniques. I didn't totally believe Cindy when she said Katie would overcome her separation anxiety until it actually happened. Katie loves Howl-A-Day Inn. She goes 2 to 3 afternoons a week to play with her "buds" and burn off excess energy. She can't wait to get in the door and PLAY. She comes home a contented dog. Katie has become the ideal pet. It never would have happened without Howl-A-Day Inn. The assurances I got from Cindy along the way helped me to hang in there.

When I was going through a rough time as my father was dying, Cindy and the girls placed my father and I on their prayer chains. On bad days the hugs, kindness and compassion I got made a big difference. It meant a lot to me that they cared about me as well as Katie. Thank you for being there for both of us."
-Alga Hupman

"Dear Cindy,
Doggy Day Care is an amazing business! It is a service that people need in today's world. Not only do you have a fantastic, innovative idea, but you truly touch hearts. You are so good to animals. You run an efficient, yet loving business. I'll never forget how you had to push and pull Hunter across the "line" while he "shook" on the first day. As you know, Hunter and Angel absolutely drag us in because they love it so much! Thank you for bringing "life" back into Chancey. Being blind and old, she had given up. She would hold her head down and walk to the closet where she slept 24-7. Now, she's sassy and "trots" around the house! God bless your business! God bless you!"
-Beth Ann and Mary Ellen

"Cindy, GREAT job on our dogs!! My wife was very happy!! You have new customers! I have your phone number and will call to get them on a routine grooming schedule. Thank you so much!!"
-Paul and Annette Siefker

"My favorite Christmases are times I have spent with my parents and family. I love sharing the unconditional love of my dogs and a dinner cooked for us both to eat. I am grateful this Christmas for getting help I need personally and with my dog at Howl-a-Day Inn Doggie Daycare for sponsoring her while I am here."
-Room 10, Hope House

"Howl-a-Day Inn has been a blessing. My kids get to socialize, it cuts down on their destructiveness, and eleviates my guilt of having to leave them alone when I go to work. And to see how excited they get when I tell them we're leaving for the Howl-a-Day Inn is a joy. Thanks Cindy and your wonderful staff."
-Deb Neville

"She loves to come - can't wait to get there!"
-Suzie Tooman

"Without Doggie Day Care, Libby would be wild all of the time. Coming here she is only wild 45% of the time."
-Nicole Boone

"Cindy - We could not thank you enough for providing this service to us! You are an amazing and kind woman. Thank you soooo much!"
-Open Arms

"We appreciate knowing Libby is so well taken care of and having so much fun when she is away from us. If you even need a recommendation letter, we would be hapy to write one. We will be sure to let our friends and family know how much we appreciate the Howl-a-Day Inn!"
-Jeremy, Nicole, and Lauryn Boone

"Thank you for making Gunner's final months pleasureable for him. He loved coming to play school. He was a great friend and will be missed for a long time. You are all doing a wonderful job, and I can not wait to bring our newest addition out to meet the family. Say hello to Marley. He is a handful!"
-Jared Hohman

Gunner Hohman
September 4, 1996 - May 18, 2006

"The Howl-a-Day Inn is the #1 facility for dogs in town. My dog Princess shows me every day how well behaved she has become since she started coming here. Their level of expertise and dedication far exceeds any other business. Princess loves going to the daycare and I think she is the happiest dog in town. The Howl-a-Day Inn is truly a blessing in my life."

"I started looking for doggie day care after Poppy jumped the fence three times and spent one night in doggie jail. We started with four days a week. After two weeks, on the day Poppy didn't go, she would sit in front of the door and wouldn't let me out. She's happy, I'm happy, and so are my three other dogs who can now be out in the yard during the day."
-Janice Conine

"I am so thankful for the service you provide!! Kirby gets the exercise he needs to be happy and I get some peace at home!!! Thank you!!!"
-Kathy Palmerton

"Doggie Day Care has been a life saver for Doogie. It gives him a place to have fun and stay safe while we're away!"
-Jill Altman

"You are doing a wonderful job taking care of my dogs on Fridays. My dog, Al, is enjoying it every time he comes. He has fun with every employee and dog. We appreciate your hard work and taking time to do this.

We have been to the kindergarten obedience 1 classes. Thank you for allowing the classes to take place at your business. I appreciate what you do and thank you for all your hard work."
-Maeve Hocanson

"Dear Cindy,
Thank you so much for your excellent care of Rocco and Ivy over the holidays. I never worry cause they're with Auntie Cindy! God Gave you a special gift with animals. It was my lucky day when you came into our lives."
-Barb Nichols

"Aunt Cindy,
Thank you for taking care of me! I love going to Doggie Day Care!
Merry Christmas"
-Baby Bella & the Lundeens

"Dear My Cindy, Leah, and all,
Thank you so much for the precious pictures of a freshly groomed Mia (plus her Butterfly-fairy wings!). You're always so gracious! Hugs!
-Alma and Mia

"Dear Auntie Cindy,
Thank you for always taking such good care of us. We love to come for visits when Mom's away. We love also getting to be with Savior and some of our other dog friends. You are the best. Sloppy kisses,"
-Rocco and Ivy