With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we are reminded to be grateful for all that we are so fortunate to have; our health, our loved ones, and of course, our pets. Life is so fragile and fletting that we must remember to be thankful everyday for those who are dear.

It saddens us to inform you that we must say goodbye to a dear sponsor pet, Nina. Nina joined the Animal League's Sponsor Program at only 6 months old. She had very weak ligaments in her legs, pneumonia and diabetes melitus.

Sadly, Nina's diabetes led to blindness, and eventually, she developed an ulcer in her eye which lead to the loss of that eye. But through all of the inconvenience, all the doctor visits and all her health troubles, Nina never failed to take into account what was important to her - her family and her life. Always a faithful friend and loyal companion, Nina was a wonderful dog and cherished pet. She loved her life, and we loved her in our lives.

The Animal League would like to send our deepest condolences to everyone who knew and loved Nina. We share in your grief. We are thankful to have known Nina - even for such a short spell - and to have had the opportunity to care for her for almost her entire life.

For all the wonderful animals, and the love they so selflessly give, we are truly thankful.

The Sponsor Team